February 6, 2016

About Me

If laughter is the best medicine, Paul Mussell’s comedy is just what the doctor ordered. In the field of entertainment, Paul’s blend of clean, genial humour is a breath of fresh country air that will enliven any gathering, urban or rural. Audiences love Paul’s wisdom and common sense, but most of all they explode into laughter at the fun he creates at each performance. He is often profiled in print media and is a repeat guest on Canadian national radio and television. The Ottawa Citizen says, “He can bring a smile to even the most cosmopolitan audience.”Paul Mussel Corn

Paul Mussell has the kind of welcoming country charm that immediately puts people at ease. In the eighteen years since he began his role as professional entertainer, Paul has delighted audiences at hundreds of shows with humour that, as one reviewer noted, is “clean, simple and genuinely funny.”  Paul tailors each of his shows to his audience, involving them in his comedy and even inviting audience members onstage. Audiences recognize their own lives in his jokes and stories as he reaches out to touch the common threads that bind us all.  But then, Paul is surrounded by the real material of his comedy every day:  whether on his own acres or in Ottawa: farm life, city life, family and church life….everyday life.  These provide the inspiration for the wide range of his wit.

A fifth-generation farmer from Eastern Ontario, Paul is descended from a long line of talented comic storytellers. The Manotick Messenger calls Paul “not your average dairy farmer.” He likes to think they meant that in a good way. Though Paul and his eldest son Ryan do run a dairy farm, they are gaining fame for more than comedy:  their newly developed goat cheeses—Clarmell on the Rideau brand—are fast becoming culinary favorites. But average or not, Paul doesn’t stop at farming.  He is also a licensed auctioneer, a trapper, hunter, fisherman (so you know this guy can spin a great yarn) and a happy family man.  Even his wife and kids think he’s funny, and they can be his toughest audience!

It’s true, however, that Paul has had challenges of his own.  He has survived cancer twice, and each time humour played a major role in his healing. Laughter, the love and support of his family and strong faith sustained him then and do so today. These provide the foundation for his truly funny shows as he shares his light-hearted views with his audiences.

And audiences love his blend of humour that pokes fun at not only farm life, but at moments in every life, in a wise, amiable manner. For pure comedic entertainment, companies, associations and organizations need look no farther than PAUL MUSSELL.  He will convince audiences that he lives life to the fullest—and will do so at least until the next shiny thing appears.